Sunday, June 9, 2013


  • From crown to rump at the start of the week your baby measures at 4-5mm or 0.16-0.2 inch, the size of a small raspberry.
  • This week your baby goes through an incredible growth spurt; it no longer looks like a blastocyst.
  • Intestines are developing, the heart chambers are forming and the brain hemispheres are growing.
  • Other changes are the dark spots where the eyes and the nostrils are to be, are forming; the color in the irises are now visible and the lenses of the baby's eyes are forming.
  • Pits that mark the ears and protruding buds that will eventually become the arms and legs begin to appear.
  • The appendix is now present along with the pancreas.
  • The skull is still transparent and the baby's brain is continuing in its venture to become more complex.

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