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Home Remedies For Acne Treatment

Acne is a common ailment that bothers teenagers. Typically called pimples, acne is mostly seen on face but can also occur on other parts of the body such as on the neck, back and even shoulders. Its full form is Acne Vulgaris. Sebum produced by the sebaceous glad keeps the skin and the hair on it moist. During adolescence the sebaceous glands get enlarged and they produce excess sebum which encourage fungal growth and is the prime cause of acne.

 Easy Natural Acne Treatments & Home Cure

1.Acne treatment using vitamin – vitamin A as well as Niacin is very effective in the treatment of Acne. Foods that are rich in such vitamins and niacin are very good for acne treatment. Spinach, broccoli, , celery, asparagus, mushrooms are some of the chief sources of niacin. Liver with pepper, lemon juice and olive oil can be used as bread spread for sandwich.
2.Using zinc for Acne treatment – Treatment of Acne using Zinc is the latest of the treatments although results might vary from person to person. Wheat germ, cashew nuts pecan nuts and pine nuts crushed in a grinder and sprinkled on a salad is a very effective source of zinc.
3.Orange Peel is also a good remedy for Acne treatment – Crushed orange peel with water base applied on acne is effective. Face scrub made of orange peels and gram flour is also effective.
4.Lemon juice in Acne treatment – Lemon juice applied regularly on acne reduces it effectively. The Vitamin C in it does the trick. Lemon juice mixed with same amount of mint will also reduce inflammation.
5.Garlic as medicine for Acne – one of the best medicines for acne is garlic. Garlic rubbed on the acne more than once in a day clears the rigid of the acne problems. Three pods of raw garlic eaten once a day regularly for a month cleanses the blood of all its impurities and thus help reduce and prevent acne problems. Garlic juice mixed with yogurt can also be applied. Allicin the natural antibiotic in garlic does the trick. Yogurt again contains a number of vitamins and fatty acids that helps the skin to maintain moisture but without making it oily.
6.Coriander and Mint used together is good for Acne treatment – Coriander juice to which a pinch of turmeric is added is a very effective home remedy for acne. It should be applied at night after washing the face thoroughly. It must be kept overnight.
7.Fenugreek paste – A paste of the fenugreek leaves when applied on the acne and left over night and then washed away with warm water in the morning not only prevents acne but blackheads too.
8.Cucumber as home remedy – Cucumber applied to the face in a grated form and left for twenty minutes and then washed of has been found to be a good home remedy for acne.
An effective face pack for acne treatment - A face pack using fuller’s earth and a little portion of apple cider vinegar should be made. This paste when applied on the face is very effective remedy. If steam is applied to the face before application it is more helpful.
9.Hot water Enema – Enema taken daily with hot water helps cleanse bowel and detoxify body and in the process helps reduce acne.
10.Epsom salt – A bath in hot water to which Epsom salt is added twice a week is effective in acne treatment. The patient should be in the bath tub for at least half an hour and then allow the body to cool gradually.
11.Using oils having anti fungal properties – Oils such as the clove oil, oil from oregano, the tea tree oil have all anti fungal properties. When applied on the skin they combat bacterial infection and thus reduce acne.
12.Honey and oatmeal - Honey and oatmeal combination as breakfast cereal is again a very effective anti acne treatment.
13.A mixture of turmeric and sandalwood powder in a little water base when applied to the affected area clears acne effectively.
14.One teaspoon full of cinnamon powder mixed with three tablespoons full of honey and applied over acne overnight and thereafter washed with warm water is very effective. Two weeks of treatment permanently removes and clears acne.
15.Paste of Nutmeg and unboiled milk applied to the affected area is also good.

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