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Among the things you will find out are:

1. What causes dry skin.

2. How to prevent dry skin.

3. How to manage dry skin.

You will be given important "Skin Tips," and you will learn how to care for your skin from the inside out. You will learn about Stevens Skin Softener Cream and how it can help you manage your dry skin problem, and you will find out different ways you can qualify to get your Stevens Cream "FREE!".

But first, here are many Skin Care Tips from A to Z
I trust you will find them helpful...

Aging Skin

The thickened skin texture associated with middle age is caused by cellular build up. It responds very well to
mild, abrasive daily cleansing with beauty grains such
as finely ground corn meal, ground sun flowers or almonds. Massage gently to cleanse and stimulate.

Beautiful Skin

To make or keep your skin beautiful, it's best to work from the inside.

Eating the right kind of food can do you more good than any medicine, and go a long way in helping your body's own healing forces. Eat a balanced diet that includes raw foods, plenty of yellow and orange vegetables (they contain beta carotene - a precursor to vitamin A). Foods high in sulfur such as garlic, onions, asparagus and eggs. Include fruits, seeds, grains and nuts.

Dry Skin

Blend together one ounce safflower oil, one ounce
avocado oil and two ounces of sesame oil. Apply this to your dry skin areas.

Facial Mask

An excellent facial mask can be made with stewed and mashed apricots. Apply to your freshly cleaned face and leave for 20 minutes or longer. Rinse away with warm water, and blot dry. One application will help sallow, dead skin tones, but applying this 3 or 4 times a week will do wonders.

Tea Tree Oil for Fungal Infection

If you suffer from fungal infections of the nail, the most effective natural anti fungal is tea tree oil. Apply to the nails and surrounding skin twice daily, in the morning and at bedtime

Using Honey Treatments

Honey applied under a dry dressing every two or thee days promotes rapid healing of ulcers and burns.

Itchy Skin

Try the following. A compress made with skim milk or powdered milk or soak the affected area in a colloidal bath made with oatmeal, corn- starch or baking soda.

Homemade Skin Lotion

The following body lotion is easy to make, and can be used after bathing. Mix one teaspoonful of honey, one teaspoon of lemon juice and a half cup of water. Massage into your skin after bathing.

Mayonnaise for Dry Facial

If you have a tendency towards dry facial skin, a gentle daily massage with mayonnaise will do wonders. You can use lemon juice, egg and safflower or other such oil to make your own dry skin lotion.

Oily Skin

Here is a cleansing stimulating facial treatment that is very helpful for those with oily skin. Mash together the pulp of one garden ripe tomato and enough fuller's earth (should find it at most pharmacies) to make a smooth paste. Rub it into your skin and leave it on until it dries completely (note: do not apply to eye area). Rinse with warm water, then splash your face with cold water. Blot dry.

Treating Large Pores

If you have large pores that resemble little holes on your skin, the following steps may be helpful. Stop using commercial products on your skin. Instead, use homemade skin cleansers. Splash warm water onto your face and pour half a handful of stone-ground cornmeal into your wet palm. Massage the moistened meal into your entire face area, adding water as needed. Another homemade cleanser can be made by adding a few drops of lemon or lime juice or apple cider vinegar to milk (use powdered skim milk if your skin is oily).

Soak yarrow (check health food stores or botanical supply stores for this herb) in water overnight, and apply this astringent several times a day - less frequently if your skin is dry.

Avoid all creams. Use an unsaturated vegetable oil if you need to (e.g. vitamin E oil).


Whether it's diaper rash, chicken pox, measles, insect bites or hives, corn starch can provide relief. For measles and chicken pox, bathe in a tub of water to which a large handful of cornstarch has been added. For the other rashes rub the cornstarch on as a powder.

Softening your skin

Avocado oil used regularly is an excellent skin softener. It is rich in vitamins and minerals, especially the skin vitamins A, C and E.


Many teenagers have to deal with embarrassing skin problems. taking supplements of zinc and Vitamin A will go a long way in helping them relieve these problems.

Leg Ulcers

Leg ulcers are more likely to develop in persons with poor circulation, thrombophlebitis and/or varicose veins. To speed healing, apply vitamin E oil to the sore and bandage it lightly with a sterile gauze pad. Change the bandage daily until the sore is healed.

Vitamins and Your Skin

Vitamins are essential to the health of your skin, especially vitamins A, B, C and E. Vitamin E is especially helpful to improve your complexion when applied externally.

Winter Care

The air inside your house can get very dry in the winter. This will play a major part in aggravating your dry skin condition. To add humidity to the dry air in your house, put a little extra water in the kettle when you're boiling water. Leave the kettle on the burner as it cools. It will continue to steam for 10 to 15 minutes, making your life a whole lot more comfortable.

Zinc for Acne

Not enough zinc, caused by a diet high in refined carbohydrates may be the chief cause of acne. Zinc is necessary for processing carbohydrates, but it is removed when cane is refined into white sugar, and wheat is refined into white flour. Eat more foods rich in zinc, including soybeans, whole grains, sunflower seeds, and a small amount of raw nuts daily. Zinc also has antibacterial activity, and is a necessary element in the oil-producing glands of the skin.

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